Progressive Pressure Systems

Oilfield Service and rental co.

Rig and Pit Cleaning

    Includes: Superintendent

                   Crew pusher

                   4 Man crew

                   3 to 4 wand pressure washer

                   Industrial strength degreaser

                   Onsite Safety Technician if required

Roustabout Services

     Includes: Crew pusher

                    3 Man crew

                    2 wand pressure washer (if needed)

                    shovels, rakes, wheel barrels etc.

Casing Crew

      Includes: Crew pusher

                     3 Man crew

                     2 wand pressure washer (if needed)

                     drift tools (job specific)

Fluid Transfer

      Includes: Crew pusher(s)

                     4 Man crew (2 men rotating every 12hrs)

                     6" high volume self priming diesel pump

                     Crew house (if needed)

Rental equipment: Port-a-Cool (enclosed/trailer mounted)

                             Light towers


                             Portable Man camps

                             6" high volume diesel transfer pumps